Partners who know us never want to work without us. Companies who trusted us made their way through the cross cultural endeavours of global business and have left their competitors far behind. With international perspective, legal assistance, access to professionals in most sectors, maximum care, strongest motivation and serious approach to never leave your project incomplete SENSECENT is here to break all the barriers in your first steps on the new markets.
We work until it's done and till you see things happen.

Business development is a process, rather than a series of unsynchronized attempts. But we know just how to efficiently pull the strings in the fast-pace business environment to deliver results in the most speedy manner. We don't hire "email forwarding managers" but professionals who act as if your dreams, desires and goals were their own.
Our business strategies work thanks to our technology, motivations and unique approach.


MARKETING: digital marketing, offline marketing, strategies, presence at local events, art of advertising, ad technologies, affiliation, display, RTB, search, gaming, ecommerce.
TECHNOLOGY: fintech, game development, ecommerce, web design, integrations.
DIGITAL SERVICES: localization, product testing, customer support, data migrations, creative content design, graphic design, translations, video production.
BUSINESS ASSISTANCE: payment channels, licensing financial services, game publishing.
DEALMAKING:  product sourcing in China, suppliers audit, presence at trade fairs, negotiations of price and payment terms, logistics supervision to ensure on-time delivery, inspections during manufacturing and dispatch.

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