Mobile traffic networks

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  [a•mo•bee] The company defining digital advertising
Amobee’s clients gain a deeper understanding of their target audience by analyzing real-time and historical content consumption trends and sentiment from across the digital ecosystem. The insights generated from Amobee Brand Intelligence inform our clients media strategies and activation across all channels and devices to generate unparalleled ROI on a global scale. Amobee is a division of Singtel’s Digital L!fe Group, which is focused on creating new digital growth engines to delight customers and disrupt adjacent industries. Amobee operates across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.
4th Screen Advertising Global mobile sales agency
Established in 2006 and now part of the Opera Software group, 4th Screen Advertising is Europe’s leading premium mobile advertising sales agency. We specialise in high quality exclusive publisher representation for mobile media owners. As part of the Opera Software group of companies we benefit from the ad serving technology leadership Admarvel. This global mobile advertising technology allows us to run scalable global and targeted campaigns. Our focus is brand engagement and rich-media campaigns as well as offering brand-safe performance campaigns.
Aarki Rich media ads for mobile, tablet etc
Aarki is a premium mobile advertising network that allows advertisers to select a variety of mobile sites or apps to partner with, in order to find the most suitable match for their brand, services, or campaign objectives. Publishers can also select specific advertising campaigns, or choose ads by category, to appear on their sites and apps. Aarki also offer contextual targeting and acquisition technology to lower advertiser costs. Aarki was founded by former employees of finance software company, the ad network is based in SunnyVale, California. Aarki also provides a mobile monetization and publishing platform, that aims to offer developers and publishers the same control and choice as advertisers in addition to good returns on campaigns.
ad2campaign Mobile programmatic procurement & measurement platform
ad2campaign is the data-centric Mobile Marketing platform from Affle. It provides for an integrated attribution linked programmatic media procurement (DSP) module to advertisers and agencies. ad2campaign is already being used by top advertisers globally to enhance ROI for their mobile ad spends by buying the most relevant audience targeted inventory, and to track, manage & optimise all their campaigns from a single platform. The single UI/ account view of all mobile marketing inventory and activities with data rich insights makes ad2campaign a useful tool for running mobile ad campaigns. The downloadable SDK is packed with RTB, App installs, Sales tracking, VAS Activations and App Analytics.
AdBlueDigital Ads that work
AdBlueDigital delivers mobile ads that make an impact. This network works with a great amount of publishers and biggest advertising platforms, which allows to reach unique inventory in over 190 countries. So if you need branding or you are looking for clicks, installs or actions -Adbluedigital will help to run an effective campaign and reach high ROI. Adbluedigital has developed unique algorithms of optimization that show great results. Advertisers have an opportunity to use different targeting such as locations, careers, devices, channels, auditory, day part and many others. Adbluedigital supports ads of all types including video, expandable, interactive and floating mobile ad banners.
AdChina Multi-screen integrated advertising platform
AdChina is a mobile marketing company that currently operates the leading technology-driven and fully integrated mobile internet advertising platform in China. The platform consists of a variety of software, services and solutions that connect advertisers with premium publishers and deliver campaigns across different ad formats and devices. The AdManager system is the core component of the platform, and recently its reach has been extended with the introduction of the AdChina Demand Platform (ADP) – a demand-side platform for advertisers/media agencies, and the AdChina Supply Platform (ASP) – a supply-side platform for online and mobile publishers.
AdCraX Smart Advertising Network | Monetize Website Traffic
Adcrax is a global mobile ad network. We help publishers, ad networks and mobile operators to increase their ad revenues. Our network is growing and improving every day, delivering the best ad campaigns in mobile advertising. Adcrax has a unique inventory, focus on launching brands campaigns and quality applications download campaigns, given the premium character of the advertising space available on our network. Earn advertising revenue by serving network mobile ads on your mobile sites and apps, and get paid for every click up to 0.05$ per click that you receive in pay per click program. Adcrax is a completely self service platform. Prepay using a credit card, paypal, skrill and get started. Adcrax supports various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and the mobile web.
Addictive Mobility Mobile Advertising for Brands
Addictive Mobility is a technology platform that provides an end-to-end solution mapfor in-app advertising. Our in-house engineering and data scientists teams developed a full end-to-end in-app ad tech platform for mobile programmatic real time bidding (RTB). As mobile has grown, we have rapidly expanded with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, UK, and Dubai, and now have over 50 employees globally. Our technology is able to grow as it is architected for scale to meet increased demand.
AdFalcon Middle Eastern ad network
AdFalcon is the first mobile advertising network in the Middle East aimed at providing a specialized mobile advertising experience to advertisers, publishers, developers and mobile users across the region. AdFalcon's state of the art technology, intelligent targeting mechanism and diversified mobile ads aim to assist our partners in maximizing their campaigns return on investment (ROI) and to deliver satisfying results for their brands and businesses. AdFalcon is committed to the growth of the mobile advertising industry in the Middle East by working directly with publishers, developers and advertisers. The Middle East has a tremendous growth in mobile internet users and today 45% of the Internet users in the region use their phones to connect to the internet. Moreover, 85% of them have downloaded mobile applications.
Adgoji Mobile Customers Delivered
AdGoji is a well funded start-up based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As a DSP we deliver new customers every day, thanks to a great team mastering great technology. Our mission: connect advertisers with their audience, improving the quality and performance of mobile advertising. Reach and convert your audience through in-app advertising banners. The only media channel offering sustainable and measurable results.
AdIQuity Global mobile ads platform
AdIQuity is a global mobile ad network enabling app developers and mobile publishers earn high revenue from their mobile inventory. AdIQuity also facilitates ad agencies, ad networks, DSPs and other media buyers to acquire global quality mobile traffic and to leverage the opportunities presented in the rapidly growing Mobile Ads space.
AdMaxim Rich media ads for mobile, tablet etc
Consumer use of mobile devices is changing the advertising landscape drastically and rapidly. As a result, mobile advertising has become the highest growth area in the marketing communications business today. Founded in 2006, AdMaxim is a growing mobile advertising company with headquarters in the Silicon Valley and the West End of London and a footprint of offices worldwide. We provide agencies and brands with a solution to create mobile campaigns across multiple platforms and then plan (through comprehensive targeting and optimisation), buy and track those campaigns globally.
adnboost Programmatic ad platform
Our cloud-based demand side platform helps media agencies and brands to reach premium inventory across a variety of ad exchanges, networks and publishers in transparent and cost effective way. For now we support display, retargeting, facebook retargeting and mobile campaigns. We support fixed CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI and RTB (dynamic CPM) pricing methods. Our account managers will advise buying methods based on your campaign goals. We are connected with the best inventory sources such as Facebook Exchange, Google Ad Exchange, Rubicon, MoPub, OpenX, Smaato, Pubmatic, Microsoft Advertising Exchange. We give you access to more than 50 premium inventory sources.
adQuota High engagement mobile ads
adQuota is the leading mobile advertising network in the Nordic and Baltic regions. With a monthly audience of over 15 million people, adQuota is able to access in excess of 750 million impressions and works with publishers, advertisers and affiliates. The network specialises in high advertising engagement rates, and as such provides relevant, targeted and engaging mobile advertising solutions as well as realistic revenue streams. This premium ad network also designs and creates mobile marketing campaigns for brands and businesses, and provides a consultancy service for aspiring mobile marketers and advertisers in the Nordic/Baltic countries, Poland and the UK.
AdsMOGO China's largest mobile SSP
AdsMOGO is one of China’s biggest mobile ad exchanges, providing access to a wealth of DSPs and ad networks across the country. Currently, AdsMOGO holds a network consisting of 200 million users generating 700 million impressions across 60,000 major platform applications. The ad exchange is fully transparent, supporting both RTB and mediation trading methods, and also offers publishers extensive monetization options that ensure the highest possible eCPMS. Ad formats supported by the exchange include banners, video and rich media.
AdTapsy Helping App Developers Monetize their Apps
AdTapsy is innovative web platform that helps mobile app publishers to drive maximized revenue from in-app advertising. With AdTapsy’s SDK application developers and publishers can integrate and manage more than one ad network in their applications. 7 ad networks in a single SDK (Admob, Inmobi, Charboost, Revmob, Applovin, Vungle and AdColony). Full control of app monetization with admin panel. No coding or app updating. Maximized fill rate (up to 100%). Full-screen ads supported.
adtwirl Advertise & publish mobile apps & web
AdTwirl is a performance-based mobile advertising network with an “auction style”, designed with the aim of maximising mobile inventory values and improving the ROI of mobile advertising. Based in Europe, AdTwirl works with advertisers seeking to increase brand awareness by tapping into mobile advertising and publishers who are in search of competitive revenue share and top fill rates. In addition to mobile advertising solutions for brands and publishing solutions for app developers looking to drive revenue, the network also offers an affiliate scheme which generates income for every new client referred.
Adwo China's leading mobile marketing platform
Adwo is a Chinese mobile advertising platform, which offers solutions to app developers and advertisers in order to build a complete mobile industry network. Home to some of the leading mobile app development respources in China, Adwo is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and provides typical mobile advertising and app monetization services. The network also has an extensive user resource library that caters to smartphone users across the Far East.
AdXperience Mobile trading desk & performance optimiser
AdXperience is a mobile media trading desk, providing a ‘one stop shop’ mobile advertising solution for brands, advertisers and marketeers. Using AdXperience, brands can connect to different sources of mobile traffic from a single place. Offering real time bidding, which focuses on purchasing the right users for the right campaigns at the right moment, AdXperience optimises campaigns from a media buy angle as well as from post campaign statistics. Its mobile trading desk features Demand Side Platform technology connected to global ad exchanges and ad networks, and human optimisation resources are also offered to developed connections with other media sources.
Affle Mobile Audience as a Service (MAAS) Platform
Affle is a Singapore headquartered ‘Mobile Audience as a Service (MAAS)’ platform company. Affle delivers end-to-end mobile commerce & marketing solutions with greater ROI and transparency for marketers, commerce marketplaces, app developers and publishers through unique intent insights derived from behavioural signals, attribution and transaction data. Having started in 2006, Affle has been a pioneer in the field of mobile technology and has built significant scale and intelligence backed by its robust profile data and insights about millions of users, which continues to grow larger and richer by the day.
AirAD Socially-responsible Chinese ad network
AirAD is a Chinese ad network operating with a socially responsible ‘Smarter Planet’ ethos and vision. The network aims to improve mobile marketing and advertising with intelligent insight and a comprehensive interoperability. AirAD counts a user base of 800 million Chinese Smartphone users, particularly in the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, which offers a high conversion rate with immediate responses. In addition to providing comprehensive data reports for advertising campaigns run on the network, AirAD also works in partnership with iResearch to provide more comprehensive third-party data monitoring.
Airpush Mobile RTB, ad network & Android monetization  
Airpush was founded in Los Angeles in the USA and currently over 40,000 developers use their software. This is because they can earn more and also as because it allows monetisation of 100 per cent of users and not just active users. These conversion rates are also ideal for advertisers and as the ad network has few virtual clicks and also offers real time analytics it has become very popular in this field also.
Appflood iOS and Android Mobile Advertising
AppFlood is a 100% transparent cross-promotion network that allows iOS and Android developers to see and control every aspect of monetization and distribution. AppFlood also features multi-dimension analytics and ad network mediation. The Appflood platform delivers premium quality users for advertisers, who pay only for installs rather than clicks or impressions and benefit from full control over campaigns and the ability to set price floors and caps. Campaigns can be targeted based on specific national markets, operating systems, devices and app or content categories. For developers the SDK is easy to integrate with minimal impact on the app code base.
Appia Reach 500m mobile users
Appia is the leading mobile user acquisition marketplace, delivering mobile app downloads to over 700 million users across 200 countries. Ranked #22 on the Wall Street Journal’s 2012 Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies, Appia provides non-incentivized performance mobile solutions for developers, publishers and advertisers. Their network includes advertisers and publishers such as Travelocity,, and DeNA.Premium visibility on a no risk Cost-Per-Install (CPI) model.
AppKey Out-of-app monetization and discovery
On the advertising side of things, AppKey offers clear opt-in and preference based campaigns via its home-screen widget. Easy opt-outs are available simply by dragging the AppKey widget to device trash, ensuring premium user experience. Customised location based targeting is available and is ideal for brands with a bricks and mortar presence looking to boost their mobile marketing efforts. For app developers, AppKey provides a share of earned revenue on the AppKey SDK. The solution is compatible with in-app banners, interstitials, in-app purchases and paid app strategies/campaigns to further drive the discovery and monetization of Android apps.
Applifier High quality video ads
Applifier is a cross-promotion mobile network that focuses on driving installs of mobile videogames, without the need for incentives. Applifier offers both paid and free cross-promotion solutions to developers. It’s paid solutions deliver premium CPA ads across its network of mobile game developers. The free solution allows game developers to cross-promote their apps without paying Applifier anything.
AppLovin's marketing platform provides marketing automation and analytics for brands who want to reach their consumers on mobile. The platform enables brands to use real-time data signals to make effective marketing decisions across 1 billion mobile consumers worldwide. AppLovin has over 70 employees and is headquartered in Palo Alto, with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, and Berlin.
Appnext Monetization platform for native app discovery
Appnext is a leading monetization and distribution platform, operating on a CPI bidding basis. The 100% Self-Serve Platform offers publishers and app advertisers greater control and transparency over their mobile businesses.
AppNexus is a technology company whose cloud-based software platform enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising. Our technology helps advertisers get the most out of their campaigns, publishers get the most out of their content, ad tech companies get the most of their insights and data, and internet users get full, democratic access to the digital world. AppNexus exists to create a better Internet. In order to realize this mission, we’ve set our sights on building technology that can make digital advertising better, since ads are the very circulatory system of the Internet. They fund most of the great content we’re used to getting for free — from music, journalism, and film to games and instant information. They provide the means to innovate, investigate, and entertain.
Appodeal Mobile ads revenue optimizer. Free.
Appodeal is a supply-side platform designed by mobile app publishers for mobile app publishers. Appodeal is not an ad network; rather it is a new approach to monetizing for publishers. The platform is a large auction house, accompanied by a mediation layer, that exposes a publisher’s inventory to all available buyers on the market via relationships with every major ad network, RTB exchange, and DSP.
appOptim Socialize, Promote and Monetize your app
appOptim is a global mobile advertising network offering a unique monetization and distribution solution that combines social promotion and mobile ads. Their innovative tools for socialization and promotion generate high revenue for Publishers/Developers, and help their apps to become viral. The appOptim interactive SDK is a incredible monetization widget in-app and can be combined with the classical ad format SDK (for banners, Interstitial, Slide box and Walls). The appOptim SDK is fully compliant with Google Developer policies whilst allowing developers to promote and monetize their app in innovative and lucrative ways.
AppsUnion Leading Global Mobile Ad Network
AppsUnion is a leading mobile marketing network. Headquartered in Hongkong, with offices in China, India, Indonesia, and a presence in the USA, they aim to help their partners achieve global coverage.
Appwiz Connecting mobile content to apps
Appwiz’s supported ad campaign options include full screen interstitial ads, offering full control of trigger for ad formats and further optimised ads for full-page formats. AppWalls can be triggered during various points of app interaction, and exit ads are also an option for developers and publishers more concerned with the user experience. Basically, Appwiz aims to differentiate its service by enabling developers/publishers to choose when and where they will trigger monetization options ensuring full control and platform optimization.
Avazu Mobile A Global Mobile Ad Display Company
Avazu Mobile is a performance-based mobile display division of Avazu, allowing ad buyers get connected with mobile publishers from across the globe. Running a real-time mobile advertising platform that employs state of the art technologies and methodologies, Avazu Mobile focuses on delivering the best in class targeting capabilities to fetch the highest ROI for every type of mobile advertising campaign. Every mobile ad campaign is linked to a conversion such as an app download, call, form fill or purchase. Advertisers only pay when their conversion occurs which delivers exceptional return-on-investment.
Avocarrot App monetization with native ads
Avocarrot is mobile performance ad network aimed at indie developers that care about user experience. Developers of free apps can instantly make money using native ads that don’t spam users, and run campaigns with high eCPMs and fill rates. Avocarrot is risk-free, offers consistent monthly payments and is full app-store compliant. The network reaches thousands of global advertisers in real time and the superior performance of native ads enables its above-market eCPMs and fill rates. Avocarrot’s native ads create new inventory that adds to existing SDK revenue and does not compete with mobile ad networks. Developer-friendly integration requires 15 minutes and provides fast support.
Axonix The transparent real-time enabled mobile ad exchange
Axonix help app developers and mobile publishers maximize their ad revenues. Unlike some of their competitors, they don’t have their own inventory – so your ad space is always their top priority. They do it through programmatic and real-time trading with brands, agencies and ad networks globally. Their proprietary, auction-based marketplace gives you complete trading transparency and controls. Data-driven targeting and built-in fraud checks mean advertisers secure the best inventory that delivers amazing results.
Bidstalk Whitelabel DSP & Intelligent Ad Server
Bidstalk’s white-label DSP is aimed at media buyers, ad agencies and brand advertisers who want to retain their own branding and customization whilst efficiently targeting audiences. The RTB platform collaborates thousands of app real estate inventories to provide the best match with advertisers looking to run mobile ad campaigns. Its ad server connects global brands with developers and publishers with high transparency across the RTB system. The as server also incorporates proprietary technology and open APIs to run a self-serve Supply Side Platform. The platform also acts as a custom ad exchange with server to server integration.
Burstly Solutions for the app lifecycle
Burstly is a Los Angeles-based mobile ad mediation network that aims to give developers much more control over their relationship with advertisers. Burstly’s key selling point is the ability for developers to set-up their own ‘storefront’. This is an advertiser-facing portal, where purchasing in-app ads takes place directly between the developer and the advertiser. According to Burstly this can help advertisers and developers deliver more relevant ads to users, increasing both ROI and developer revenue.
byyd Precison mobile advertising
Byyd is the most advanced mobile media buying platform in the market. Our technology enables advertisers to connect with precisely, programmatically targeted mobile audiences.Mobile requires dedication and understanding of its unique challenges and opportunities. With over 100,000 campaigns delivered in five years Byyd has the technology and talent that enables you to reach and engage your audience in a mobile-first world.The mobile landscape is complex and still evolving. Byyd cuts through the chaos, giving you unparalleled transparency, control and efficiency through intuitive tools that seamlessly integrate with the way your business works.You want results. Byyd gives you a highly scaled, robust technology platform and effective algorithms that deliver proven engagement for the biggest advertisers, agencies, trading desks and mobile operators in the world.
CASEE Mobile ad-serving Exchange
CASEE (Cellphone Ads Serving E-Exchange) is currently China’s largest mobile advertising marketplace, providing services to advertisers that enable them to reach new audiences on the mobile web whilst offering high value monetization options to developers. CASEE specialises in highly targeted and personalised advertising campaigns in different Chinese provinces and cities (a function offered to both developers and advertisers using the platform). At present the platform has over 1000 content publishers across its ad network in different content categories, resulting in well-targeted promotional campaigns for advertisers.
Cauly Advertising in your hand
Cauly is a Korean ad server and ad network offering services to developers and advertisers via it’s large media platform. Part of the Korean Future Stream Networks, Cauly is one of the first mobile ad companies in the country to launch a full mobile marketing and advertising eco-system. To developers in the region, Caul offers it’s ad server for use to monetize and develop prime mobile app real estate. Advertisers can create and run campaigns across it’s ad network, and a full SDK library for Android and iOS download is available.
ChartBoost For developers, by developers
ChartBoost is a mobile advertising network that focuses on direct advertising deals between app developers. ChartBoost solutions work by giving developers a platform to sell advertising space to each other across their apps, allowing them to set their own terms and pricing. ChartBoost also allows single developers to freely cross-promote their own apps internally, as well as sign-up to a more traditional paid ad network model. ChartBoost was formed by the same developers behind the popular iPhone game series TapTap Revenge. The company is based in San-Francisco.
Cheetah Ad Platform Mobile Audiences, Data Intelligence
The Cheetah ad platform works together with leading advertisers, developers and publishers to reach and engage with global audiences. The ad platform consists of Cheetah mobile’s own apps called ‘Cheetah Apps’ and a media ad network named ‘Cheetah MediaLink’ that in unison allows advertisers to reach their audiences and grow their brands, and app developers to monetise their apps.
Dispply Mobile marketing agency
Dispply is a mobile marketing agency and ad platform. The company helps their partners to monetize mobile traffic, promote their apps and features top-ranking campaigns. For advertisers the company provides Dispply Apps, a tool for attracting active users into mobile applications. For publishers they provide high-performing advertising formats and the ability to optimise their eCPM and CR.
dmg mobile Mobile advertising with an edge
dmg is a pioneering digital performance advertising platform, specializing in running global, cross channel campaigns for advertisers and publishers. With a seamless combination of advanced targeting and patented optimization technology, dmg is a one-stop shop for mobile advertising solutions. Whether you are a brand seeking to make an impact on your audiences or a direct response advertiser who wishes to take mobile activities to the next level, we’ve got you covered on all fronts. With extensive experience in the mobile advertising world dmg helps advertisers reach their marketing goals using high-quality inventory. With higher conversion rates and engaged users the average Life Time Value (LTV) of our campaigns is 40% above industry standard.
Domob Mobile advertising and symbian ads
Domob is a mobile advertising network based in Mainland China, which currently serves over 200 million impressions daily across a network consisting of over 150million independent Smartphone and tablet users. Domob’s business model aims to create value for advertisers and content publishers alike by connecting them in a way that significantly contributes to the mobile ecosystem.
Eomobi Beijing-based app monetization and marketing
Eomobi is a monetization and distribution platform for mobile apps, increasing your CPMs through a number of ad formats, targeted campaigns and professional support. It boasts a weekly payment and the highest price in the industry, and offers an open dashboard and reporting, as well as precise data analysis looking at users by region, age, interest, mobile phone model and carrier. Android-only.
Epom Ad Server Mobile ad server
Epom Ad Server is a premium mobile advertising network and ad server, that unites top quality publishers with direct advertisers. Epom offers a variety of ad types and provide the highest CPMs with 90% fill rates. This is a great technology solution for advertisers, app developers or mobile publishers seeking a reliable mobile ad server. In addition, the Epom platform can be used by mobile ad networks to run their own services as a white label ad platform.
Epom Market Best Paying Ad Network
Epom Market is an ad network with an impressive geographic coverage working with the largest and most reputable publishers and advertisers. With Epom Market both publishers and advertisers get higher revenues due to advanced campaign optimization tools, precise targeting, real-time reporting, low ad serving costs and ability to monetize remnant inventory. Epom Market is connected to Epom Ad Server – web-based ad platform that guarantees instant access to your account with all the performance data and managing options. + 600 plus publishers worldwide with high-quality traffic in 20 categories (business, finance, health, gaming and travel) and premium inventory from 36+ mobile ad networks + reach 320 million unique users across over 13 billion monthly impressions
Everbadge Make more money with your apps
Everbadge is a mobile ad network that provides a range of monetization tools for mobile developers. It is suitable for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps and is available in two options – SDK and SDK-free. Using Everbadge developers can also ad offer walls into mobile websites, and have accessto buttons that can be integrated into app menus.
EZmob Maximise Mobile Traffic with EZmob
EZmob is a performance-based mobile advertising agency, which utilises smarter mobile-only proprietary ad units to deliver increased revenues to publishers and generates greater levels of engagement for advertisers. EZmob is a full-service company and offers burst campaigns, app distribution, turnkey solutions for app installs and mobile media buy solutions. For publishers on the network, EZmob’s ad units offer increased CTR (currently over 15%) and fast reliable payments are available in different methods. 1 minute set-up and integration is available and the online publisher dashboard provides daily reports (traffic and sales). Advertisers can take advantage of advanced targeting features, including vertical targeting, OS targeting, Geo targeting and carrier/WiFi.
Fingertip Lead generation and customer acquisition
Fingertip is a performance advertising company that specializes in lead generation and customer acquisition in the LATAM region. We work around the clock to bring our advertisers the highest ROI possible on all their campaigns. Contact us night or day to speak to one of our savvy account managers. We help both advertisers and publishers by acquiring new users and growing brands.
Fractional Media Quality users from quality publishers
Fractional Media is a full service mobile user acquisition platform, offering a variety of campaigns based on different performance billing models (CPI, CPS, CPR, CPE) to solve common mobile advertising and marketing problems. Fractional’s advertising solutions provide a premium display inventory, and high quality user generation. The network uses proprietary Real Time Bidding, ensuring that businesses are not arbitraged to third party affiliates or platforms. Fractional Media has a network of high quality developers and publishers offering advertising space, and also provides the option to purchase traffic from other premium publishers via Supply Side Platforms. Custom user targeting and retargeting functionalities are available, as is Machine Learning Automation to enable single campaigns to reach full scale.
FusePowered Monetize 100% of users worldwide
Fuse Powered is a mobile software company with two mobile advertising offerings designed to make app developers and game developers more money: Fuseboxx™ an end-to-end mobile publishing platform and ad server with actionable analytics and publishing tools, and AdRally™ – a fully-managed ad mediation solution to monetize 100% of users worldwide. AdRally partners leading global ad networks with developers to bring the highest performing campaigns. AdRally serves the best ads for each and every app user. Full control over where and when to show ads in inventory is available with powerful user segmentation tools. Single SDK integration provides access to dozens of ad networks and campaigns with the highest revenue.
Fyber Fuelling the app economy
Fyber is a leading advertising technology company that empowers app developers to execute smart ad monetization strategies across all connected devices through a unified mobile supply side platform. Serving approximately 150 million unique users per month, Fyber works with thousands of the world’s leading developers, publishers and advertisers.
Go2mobi Mobile Audience _x0003_Targeting Platform
Go2mobi is a Mobile Audience Targeting Platform. We deliver traffic to advertisers that drives over 25,000 mobile marketing actions each day.
GreyStripe Comprehensive personalised marketing platform
GreyStripe is the the largest brand-focused mobile advertising network in the US by reach. The ad network lets publishers place premium rich media and video ads in applications and websites via the company’s RevMax Ad Platform. GreyStripe’s platform supports mobile sites and iOS, Android and BlackBerry apps, across both tablet and smartphone devices. The network also offers developers simple server-side integration, with no SDK required. Premium brands that work with Greystripe include Axe, Burger King, Buick and Paramount. The company is based in San Francisco.
GuoheAD Beiing mobile ad network & DSP
GuoheaAD is a Beijing-based mobile advertising start-up, providing effective and optimised mobile advertising management tools and solutions to increase performance advertising. The platform is one of the first to introduce full-billboard style adverts into the mobile advertising sector, which are easily customisable including background/images used/layout. This new advertising format aims to increase efficacy by ensuring apps remain uninterrupted during usage. Recently, the platform has undergone improvements and now offers easy to use advert/commercial management and an ad exchange centre.
Hands Advertising for mobile people
Hands is a Brazilian premium mobile ad network and mobile site developer. Established in 1999, Hands is mainly focused on delivering mobile ads to the burgeoning Brazilian market. The premium network delivers ads from local and international brands – such as Unilever and Mitsubishi – to established local publishers. Hands’ technology platform also lets clients develop mobile sites quickly and effectively and delivers rich media ads, including video ads and expandable banners.
Heyzap Mobile advertising done right
Aarki is a premium mobile advertising network that allows advertisers to select a variety of mobile sites or apps to partner with, in order to find the most suitable match for their brand, services, or campaign objectives. Publishers can also select specific advertising campaigns, or choose ads by category, to appear on their sites and apps. Aarki also offer contextual targeting and acquisition technology to lower advertiser costs. Aarki was founded by former employees of finance software company, the ad network is based in SunnyVale, California. Aarki also provides a mobile monetization and publishing platform, that aims to offer developers and publishers the same control and choice as advertisers in addition to good returns on campaigns.

20% Bonus for all new publishers

Instal is a performance Mobile Ad Network focused on the promotion of apps and games. Based on the concept of a fixed cost for download (CPI – Cost to install) Instal has more than 500 campaigns running in more than 200 countries worldwide. Through its proprietary platform Instal develops custom tools both for Publishers and Advertisers to help them to optimize their performances. Advertisers can acquire loyal users from a 100% non incentivized, worldwide traffic, completely eliminating the risk of the conversion rate typical of the CPC and CPM models and paying just for the received installs. Publishers can maximize the monetization of their traffic thanks to many worldwide offers and to an impressive 100% fill rate. Furhermore they will receive fast and reliable payments from the company.
InstaZebra The No.1 Instagram Ad Network
InstaZebra is the first rich media Ad Network for reaching Instagram users. Its self-service platform provides access to 300 Instagram Influencers with a total reach of 43 million users. With native ad format – a recommendation from popular account holders, and extremely attractive CPMs, InstaZebra is a new way to promote products on mobile. InstaZebra ads contain standard Instagram square graphics with text or 15 seconds video with text Advertisers have a new, low cost opportunity to purchase display ads that appear full screen on mobile devices InstaZebra ad/photo publishers are comprised of popular brands, individuals, and app developers InstaZebra guarantees the trustworthiness of all advertisers and the quality of all ads
Jampp Your mobile ad partner for Latin America
Jampp is a leading data-driven mobile advertising app promotion platform for Latin America and Brazil. Through a combination of smart optimisation technology, traffic sources and publishing partners that range from local to global, Jampp helps companies acquire quality mobile app users on a performance (Cost Per Install) basis. The company works with Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications and can provide competitive CPIs for the Latin American region. Brazil currently has more smartphones than the UK, France, Japan or South Korea and it’s a great market to launch new apps. Pay per install campaigns for Android and iPhone on a performance basis Increase sales, gain new leads and acquire new users Reach Latin America and other global markets from a single buying point
Juice Mobile Canadian mobile marketing & advertising agency
Juice Mobile is a full-service mobile marketing and advertising agency with a wealth of products and services under it’s banner. A Canadian-based agency, Juice’s innovative mobile advertising and marketing solutions produce scalable, rich ad units and premium publishers that offer a single point of contact (including invoicing and reporting structure). The mobile ad solutions offered by Juice comprise of a complete end-to-end service offering, and are more suited to larger brands and app developers. As part of its offering, Juice is able to create and develop ad campaigns across all connected device channels, including mobile web, app, gaming, table and Smart TV. Cross-media campaigns are activated to facilitate two-way conversations between advertisers and customers. The agency also runs an in-house Real Time Bidding Platform, which connects developers, brands and advertisers with publishers across targeted consumer categories. The CPA network integrates C2C and CPA campaigns to generate more accurate acquisition results through analysis.
Kimia Leading network for online mobile performance
Kimia is the leading network for online mobile performance. Other programs publish thousands of offers to thousands of affiliates. Kimia is a closed and premium network that only partners with top advertisers and top affiliates. We go beyond our competitors with world class technology, constant optimisation and dedicated account management. Test us now and let the numbers talk. If you are a publisher, ad network or media buyer, we deliver local monetization If you are a VAS service provider or app developer, we deliver users, distribution and sales
Leadbolt Get a 20% free mobile advertising bonus
Leadbolt is The Next Generation Mobile Marketing Platform directly connecting mobile app publishers with premium advertising partners like never before! Leadbolt enables publishers to quickly and effectively increase their app’s profitability using an easy to integrate SDK. For advertisers, Leadbolt’s innovative ad formats and advanced targeting reach and captivate desired audiences, achieving deeper user engagement, conversion, user acquisition, and maximum ROI. Leadbolt’s Direct Deals Marketplace offers 100% transparent interactions and optimized partner matches that deliver more control and better outcomes for everyone looking to harness the power of mobile audiences.
LifeStreet Media  
LifeStreet is a leading global in-app advertising technology company based in San Francisco. We deliver breakthrough monetization levels for publishers and extraordinary volumes of engaged app users for advertisers. Our comprehensive StreetSmart™ platform enables ROI-maximizing media-buying decisions with complete transparency for advertisers.
Liftoff Drive campaigns for post-install events
Liftoff is a CPA-optimised mobile UA platform for running campaigns, using Liftoff’s custom algorithms to drive continuous real-time improvement to your CPI by targeting post-install actions as opposed to simple installs. With mobile retargeting attracting existing users to your app again, and lookalike targeting to monetise users which are most similar to your own, the platform offers a large toolkit to increase your app’s downloads. Liftoff’s payment plan is also coded to be smart: once you’ve hit your CPA goals, you pay for target actions specified by you instead of installs, moving away from buying on CPI. A/B testing is also in the toolkit, together with creative ad design and 100% transparent tracking of budgets and inventory.
LiquidM Mobile advertising management platform
LiquidM markets itself as a white-labelled Mobile Advertising Management Platform, which basically allows brands and agencies to purchase premium level performance-based mobile marketing and advertising. The platform is also used by third party ad networks and sales houses to run ad tech infrastructures. LiquidM is cloud-based and as such offers a standardized, open platform that is easily customisable to suit the individual marketing and advertising needs of users. This single platform provides reach extension via Real-Time bidding, targeting, rich media formats and the ability to form partnerships with mobile operators. Via its own ad server, LiquidM offers customised targeting options for campaigns in addition to an RTB supply for further reach extension. The fully transparent platform also includes a global supply of publishers and developers with premium mobile advertising space. Mobile network operators can make use of LiquidM’s open software to develop digital businesses that provide ways to monetize data on mobile subscribers.
Maddict Advertising and mobile marketing
Maddict is a premium Middle Eastern mobile advertising network, which provides rich media-based mobile marketing and advertising solutions to ad/media agencies and end clients within the region. Maddict also works with large-scale app publishers to increase the value of their inventory with high-quality advertising campaigns. The company incorporates ad serving technology into its offering to enable advertisers to effectively reach their target audience via customised targeting options. It also offers post-campaign analysis and metrics to effectively measure campaign performance.
MadHouse Mobile ad network and DSP
Madhouse is a Chinese mobile advertising agency with a presence in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. The network specialises in mobile media and advertising solutions such as its MadSolutions – a range of mobile markeing solutions and campaign management services that operate an interactive messaging platform and can be used to build, design and optimise mobile websites. Advertisers can use Madhouse’s solutions to leverage cross-media buys, campaigns, on-pack promotions and existing CRM/member databases.
MADNET Mobile advertising done right
MADNET is the first Russian mobile advertising platform to utilise Real Time Bidding technology to provide an advertising and monetization solution for mobile devices. The platform’s key feature is a ‘system of probalistic modelling and automated decision-making’, which basically means that advertisers can predict campaign performance and automatically optimise ad impressions to ensure results. Currently the platform serves around 5 billion impressions per month and its data platform is powered by deep integration with data suppliers, advertisers and publishers.
mAdserve Open source mobile ad server
mAdserve is an advanced, open source mobile ad server for IOS, Android and Mobile Web. This allows developers to connect with multiple mobile ad networks, optimize their inventory, respond to traffic requests as well as sell advertising directly and run cross promotional campaigns.
MassiveImpact Performance mobile ad platform
MassiveImpact is the leader in performance mobile advertising. Named by Gartner as one of the top ad networks in the world, MassiveImpact has a unique business model offering advertisers performance-based mobile advertising opportunities that are focused on sales conversions rather than clicks, guaranteeing advertisers ROI. The company’s unique ad-serving approach Real-Time Performance is proprietary technology that guarantees advertiser return on investment and maximizes traffic monetization for publishers. The company has a huge Asian and U.S. presence – bringing over Asian mobile advertising practices to the U.S. MassiveImpact is backed by leading strategic investors in the mobile space, including SoftBank, SingTel and Gemini.
MdotM Advertising in a post-PC era
MdotM is a mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) based in California. As a DSP MdotM works with a number of partners including Nexage, Adwhirl, Burstly and AdMarvel, giving advertisers access to 75 million unique users per month. The company focuses mainly on driving app downloads and helping clients optimise on acquisitions, lowering their eCPA over time. Although primarily providing a Cost Per Action model, advertisers can also use MdotM to run CPC and CPM campaigns.
 Medialets Ad serving & media measurement
Medialets is a rich media mobile ad platform based in New York, which offers advertisers a premium and transparent ad buying platform, allowing them to directly plan, buy, execute and measure brand advertising across high-profile mobile apps and websites. Medialets’ technology allows publishers to sell their own high-value rich media ad formats through its Private Marketplace. The company also works with a number of ad networks such AdMeld, AdTech and Nexage, and provides creative teams with the technology and assistance needed to devise rich media ads.
 metaps AI-based app monetization
metaps is an Android monetization platform and ad network that incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to maximise app revenue and develop learning patterns of sucecss. Using metaps, developers can visualise the relationship between app downloads and rankings in both Google Play and App Stores to develop market trend awareness and further increase chances of monetization.
 mMedia Get up to $100 in mobile advertising for free
mMedia is a self-service mobile advertising solution from Millennial Media, the world’s leading independent mobile advertising platform company. mMedia provides smaller businesses and developers access to the extensive Millennial mobile ad network, enabling them to create, run and manage CPC ad campaigns as well as monetize apps and mobile sites via a choice of in-app or third party advertising options. mMedia is simple to use, with downloadable SDKs for devleopers and full online support for advertisers.
 mNectar Try-before-you-buy apps and adverts
mNectar is a revolutionary way for users to visualise a mobile application or advert before downloading the app or buying the advertised product. By creating full-screen, in-app playable units, mNectar allows users to “test-drive” your application or ad before committing to it, either by creating an interactive advert or by using part of your UX and UI as the ad itself. With no SDK required, installation and integration of mNectar is simple and fast, and if you are a publisher the single dashboard also gives you full control of which adverts run in which applications. Designed for both developers and publishers, mNectar has simple four-step processes to create your interactive adverts or playable units, both supported by extensive documentation.
 Mobbnet high quality IOS and Android inventory
Mobbnet is a leading global Ad Network providing advertisers with a huge inventory of various geos and platforms, enabling developers and publishers to monetize their apps and mobile websites. We are proud to sell only high quality traffic. And we are very strict when it’s about users loyalty. So we do our best to match ad units with relevant and well-targeted traffic sources. Even though Mobbnet gained a great experience in mobile advertising area, we are improving our services day by day to keep up with the times.
 Mobclix Connects the best ads with the best apps
Mobclix is a mobile advertising optimizer for mobile applications. Their mobile ad exchange service is compatible with multiple ad networks such as inmobil, Mojiva, Millennial and AdMob, and it integrates them all into a single account. Mobclix uses deep analytics to help match the right ad network to the right user to maximise CPMs.
 Mobeleader Results-oriented mobile marketing
Mobeleader is a Spanish mobile advertising network offering company-focused and results-oriented mobile marketing. To advertisers, Mobeleader offers iOS and Android marketing campaigns to deliver the best results and to developers effective ways to monetize existing app inventories.
 MobFox The Open Mobile Advertising Platform
MobFox by Matomy Media Group is a mobile advertising network that operates across iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and mobile websites. Mobfox is getting a lot of great reviews in the mobile community and is well worth checking out. They provide a number of innovative features including eCPM control – publishers can determine what level of revenue per thousand they are willing to sell their advertising for, shutting out low value advertising
 Mobicow The original full screen mobile ad network
Mobicow was launched in 2011 in the belief that there was a better way to deliver mobile advertising. They offer big, bold mobile ads that drive revenue, attract customers and generate strong returns. Powered by a global network and proprietary technology, the Mobicow platform turns mobile traffic into revenue by letting our users deliver relevant and engaging ads based on location, device, operating system and carrier. Mobicow was one of the first full screen mobile ad networks. For advertisers, Mobicow offers high impact ads that deliver conversions. For publishers Mocicow offers high fill rates and eCPMs.
 mobileCore Premium ads and monetization
mobileCore is an Israeli Android focused platform providing monetization opportunities for Android developers in addition to distribution and user engagement solutions. Its SDK is fully compliant with Google Play policy updates and regulations, and enables Android developers to maximise their app revenue by supporting a range of ad formats and offering weekly payouts. mobileCore also offers a unique Slider tool, which is a native side menu that is customisable and can help to increase user engagement, monetize and cross promote apps.
 mobiMicro Mobile payment processing
mobiMicro is a the first ‘mobile product network’, currently only compatible on Android devices, bringing products from merchants directly into mobile applications, effectively providing mobile e-commerce solutions for companies and brands. Operating across 5 global markets – Germany, UK, US, France and Australia – mobiMicro has a centralised technology platform that publishers can use to reach a larger audience.
 Mobusi Performance based
Mobusi is a mobile performance advertising agency. We offer our advertisers the opportunity to reach their performance goals through a wide variety of traffic sources including our direct publishers, media buying, RTB and affiliation. Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, Mobusi is the best option for your mobile marketing goals. Mobusi has more than 20k publisher partners and over 5k advertisers on its network across Europe and internationally working across a total of 236 global markets. Advertisers can work with Mobusi on campaigns in specific markets or internationally and publishers can earn unmatched eCPMs.
 Mocean Mobile The mobile ad serving standard
Mocean Mobile provides a mobile ad server that is integrated with over 70 different mobile ad networks. The company is based in New York City, San Francisco, Boston and London and works with leading developers and publishers to increase their mobile advertising revenues.
 Mojiva Breathe life into mobile strategy etc
Mojiva is a mobile ad platform based in New York working across mobile web, iPhone, Android and other smartphone platforms. They offer a premium ad network that supports rich media ads and also offer self-service/ad serving solutions to enable publishers to sell directly and manage their own inventory.
 Mopub Largest mobile ad server & RTB exchange
Mopub offers a three piece platform for mobile publishers, founded by app developers who appreciate the use of an open source SDK. The platform enables publishers/developers to choose between monetising between direct ads, ad networks or its real time bidding system. This provides unmatched transparency and enables full maximisation of advertising potential without sacrificing the user experience.
 Motility Ads Promote apps with targeted ads
Motility Ads is a new mobile advertising platform from the Jesta Digital Company with a presence in the US and Germany. Currently in Beta mode, Motility is free for publisher and developer sign-up. Motility specialises in providing publisher yield optimisation for their mobile inventory, enabling developers to monetize their mobile and tablets apps. The platform also delivers advertising solutions to mobile marketers with its proprietary technology and creative ad suite, which can be fully targeted and optimised with audience targeting and direct publisher integrations. Motility’s internal network reaches 20 million users per month on average, and the platform is partnered with leading mobile ad specialists including Millennial Media, Appsflyer and Kochava.
 Motive Gamer-focussed ad network
Motive is a mobile gaming specific ad network tailored to bring your adverts to highly responsive mobile gamers. Compatible with all operating platforms, it has an invite-only publisher base, guaranteeing your adverts will display only on high quality games. Founded in Nevada in 2003 and placed #3 on Tune’s list of 25 top ad partners, Motive uses advanced site ID tracking and Customary Second Action Tracking to customise each individual campaign, but is also compatible with all major 3rd party tracking software. It functions on a CPA/CPI model, provides agency-level customer service providing personal teams for each client and campaign.
 Motrixi Mobile DSP offering Real Time Bidding
Motrixi is a mobile DSP that uses data driven technology and real time optimisation to connect brands with target audiences across a range of mobile devices. Motrixi’s proprietary mobile RTB platform incorporates predictive modelling with data-driven technology to specifically target the right audiences for campaigns at the times when they will be most engaged with their devices. Recently a self-service interface has been integrated into the platform, which gives direct access to campaigns and providers an extension into premium programmatic direct entry and early 2014 will see the introduction of a private premium exchange.
 Namo Media Turn content streams into revenue streams
Namo Media is a US-based mobile advertising start-up offering in-stream native ad solutions for iOS and Android apps. Using Namo Media, developers can effectively turn their content streams into revenue streams whilst keeping app users full engaged with their content. The in-stream ad formats provided by Namo Media are less disruptive than traditional banner adverts, and offer higher levels of performance for effective mobile advertising and monetisation.
 NativeX The leader in native advertising for mobile games
NativeX was named a Top 10 App Monetization provider by VentureBeat and is a mobile advertising network that focuses on providing the best user experience with innovative ad formats and industry leading predictive analytics. Over 50% of the top 20 grossing apps on iOS and Android trust NativeX to acquire new users and generate revenue for their businesses. To date NativeX has paid out over $100M to publishers and acquired over a billion users for advertisers
 Nexage Leading mobile ad exchange
Nexage is a mobile advertising exchange that facilitates the buying of ad inventory between publishers and advertisers. Nexage claims to be the biggest mobile ad exchange in the world, managing over 13 billion impressions and connecting over 300 developers and publishers with 500 demand sources.
Numbate is an advertising and branding platform, delivering performance based campaigns using rich media ad formats. Numbate is able to offer a range of ad formats for consumers, publishers and advertisers across smartphones and tablet devices. The platform’s exclusive ad formats are based on in-house ad serving technology, and it is one of the few providers to deliver predictive behavioural targeting options. To developers and publishers, Numbate offers an effective way to increase revenues with non-compromising ad formats.
 Offercast Mobile Next generation mobile advertising etc.
Offercast Mobile is a ‘next-generation’ mobile advertising platform providing innovative ad units and effective monetization across Android apps and games. Currently still in Beta mode, Offercast Mobile offers app discovery solutions for Android and iOS (on free to download games only) as well as conversion rate boosting advertising services. For developers and publishers, the platform delivers easy to integrate tools that also provide end users with added value.
 Opera Mediaworks Powering the mobile ad economy
Opera Mediaworks is an online and mobile publishing and advertising company geared around improving efficiency with innovative technology, transparency and trust. There are 4 main arms of the company focused on mobile advertising: AdMarvel – an ad serving and mediation platform, Mobile Theory – a premium US mobile ad network, 4 Screen Advertising Ltd – a premium UK ad network and Mediaworks Performance – a results-driven mobile ad network. To advertisers, Opera Mediaworks provides a focus on brand engagement with rich user experience to improve customer acquisition. Publishers can integrate and manage numerous ad sources in Real Time with full measurement of revenue results.
 Pingjam The caller ID ad network
Pingjam is a user-focused Android mobile ad network, enabling developers to monetize their app without spamming their users. For developers of free Android apps, Pingjam stays away from in-app real estate and does not use push ads or icons for promotions. Instead, users can find value in the network’s business caller ID service so that they can immediately see the names of the businesses that are calling them.
 Placed Affiliate Earn Revenue With Your App Without Ads
Placed Affiliate is the easiest way to generate incremental, recurring revenue from your app without adding advertising, in-app purchases or altering the user experience.
 Placeplay Increase in-app revenue & installs
PlacePlay is the only independent platform aimed at helping app developers improve engagement with users and maximise revenue. The platform provides relevant and targeted in app advertising solutions for iOS and Android devices, and offers intuitive tools such as the Facebook Open Graph (which enables distribution through the Facebook App Centre).
 Playhaven Actionable analytics for developers
PlayHaven is a mobile game maximisation platform, which aims to help developers attract more users, generate more money and provide an updated and personalised experience to their users. PlayHaven provides a HTML 5-powered platform to enable app and game developers to modify and optimise their content in real time. PlayHaven also offers advertising opportunities and solutions across the platform, with nearly 1bn monthly game sessions to target.
 PocketMath Self-serve mobile DSP
PocketMath is a pure self-service mobile DSP offering real-time bidding. The platform provides a global presence via its offices in the US, Singapore and Japan. The aim behind PocketMath is to make it easy to purchase ad impressions within apps, games and mobile websites on a real-time basis. In-house RTB technology integrates a bidding engine with several hundred partnered ad exchanges to ensure this adherence to real time bidding.
 Propeller Ads Thousands of CPA and CPL campaigns
Propeller Ads is an Internet media company making digital advertising effective and reliable. With global reach across web and mobile channels, Propeller Ads gives publishers the ability to monetize their traffic, while providing advertisers access to a large number of ad places on premium sites of various categories. We offer a flexible and transparent bidding model that delivers real market value to both publishers and advertisers.
 PubNative Genuinely native mobile ads
PubNative is a mobile publisher platform aimed at maximising ad revenue while integrating seamlessly with your app to preserve your application’s user experience. With its API, which offers more than 20 ad “building blocks”, you can publish truly native and fully scalable ads for iOS and Android. It also has a large knowledge base including downloadable ebooks, case studies and guides.
 Qriously Taps the value of opinions
Qriously is a next generation mobile advertising platform, which poses questions to Smartphone users effectively enabling them to self-select the adverts that they will then see. By serving questions on Smartphone apps, Qriously helps advertisers and marketeers reach the audiences that are most appropriate to them and also gives data scientists valuable analysis on the power of opinion-based marketing. Based in New York, London and Vienna, Qriously currently offers two main solutions – AdVox, featuring opinion targeting and retargeting and Pulse, which measures ‘real time sentiment’ and is predominantly location based.
 Reporo World's Largest and Most Lucrative Mobile Ad Network
Reporo is a premium ad network serving billions of page impressions and millions of redirects per month. It provides global reach for advertisers across more than 200+ countries along with worldwide monetization for publishers via its sales offices in the UK, US, Japan, India, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Holland, Argentina and Mexico.
 Revmob Mobile ad network and monetization
Revmob is a new mobile ad network and app promotion exchange that delivers amazing results for both advertisers and developers. They use interstitial/ notification style ads which pop up typically when a user launches a game. It’s been reported by some respected developers that their ad units out perform virtually anything out there.
 Ripple Cross screen ad platform
Ripple is a cross screen ad network platform, as part of the Affle group headquartered in Singapore. Ripple’s holistic approach based on(a) audience intelligence, (b) objective based optimsations and (c) extensive ad unit portfolio has helped it deliver over 100Mn downloads of top apps on it’s platform.
 sellAring Audio ad network
sellAring is a mobile advertising network, based in Israel, that uses audio ads instead of traditional banner ads. sellAring claims that audio ads result in a much higher CTR and ROI and works with a number of big brand advertisers, including FOX, NBC and Vodafone.
 SessionM A better approach to mobile ads
SessionM is a mobile platform that uses achievements and a rewards system to drive user engagement with advertisements. The SessionM platform allows users to unlock achievement points by meeting advertiser or developer-determined ‘engagement milestones’ within an app or advertisement. These points can then eventually be exchanged for status, coupons, competition entries and special offers.
 Skyrocket Monetize any ad partner
Skyrocket is the mobile ad server from Burstly and forms part of its suite of products that powers and monetizes the app lifecycle. This ad server aims to offer a comprehensive solution, and as such is easily integrated with different third party ad partners including advertising, cross promotion,incentivized, watch to earn and video networks. Skyrocket is compatible with over 50+ turnkey partners, and new partners can be easily added via adapters in its single dashboard.
 Slimspots Slim and easy publishing
Ever thought about a simple and transparent solution that just works? slimspots is the first real CPA Network for PPS, PPL and RevShare Campaigns. Every day, our team of experienced online, mobile and web marketing experts, which has a total combined experience of nearly 30 years in online advertising and publishing, looks for the best offers and highest payouts for you. Benefit today and get a real moneymaker.
 Smaato Global RTB exchange for mobile ads
Smaato is a RTB-exchange platform and ad server that aims to help game developers and publishers maximise revenues from app monetization. Smaato has a unique service that aggregates 90 leading ad networks and 25 DSPs to deliver higher fill rates and eCPMs. Open APIs and one of the industry’s widest ranges of SDKs are available to ensure easy integration with ad networks, invetory owners and third party providers.
 Smart Device Media Rich media advertising
Smart Device Media is a mobile ad network, based in New York, which aims to enable effective digital advertising across the entire ecosystem of smart devices (mobiles, tablets, e-Readers and even web-enabled TV. At the heart of Smart Device Media’s solutions is high-quality, premium display advertising that is delivered to scale to the right audiences. It also offers creative advertising solutions to maximise brand impact and campaign performance, and the network also provides special interest targeting and rich editorial content.
 Solve Media– Mobile ads with guaranteed engagement
Solve Media is mobile marketing and advertising agency with a focus on improving user experience by providing solid value-exchange to advertisers in the form of engaging display, video and mobile ad formats. To publishers, Solve Media’s TYPE-IN ads improves CAPTCHA, video and mobile applications to generate and create new revenue streams and improve app user experience and security. The agency guarantees effective ad campaigns and brand lift via its TYPE-IN for advertisers, which connects advertisers with users at crucial points of engagement.
 Splicky Smooth mobile advertising
Splicky is the new Demand Side Platform (DSP) for the mobile channel using proprietary Real-Time Advertising (RTA) technology. Their technology makes it simple to buy mobile ad impressions and clicks within mobile sites and apps – in real-time. Using just one platform, you have immediate access to all global mobile inventory which uses Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology. Within a matter of minutes, your mobile ad campaigns can be displayed on a Cost Per Impression (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. Our platform allows you to target on individual Mobile Sites and Apps, giving you total control at campaign management-level. Our detailed analysis gives you full insights on campaign performance enabling you to maximize your ROI.
 SponsorPay Solutions for smarter mobile ads & monetization
SponsorPay is a mobile ad network that focuses on generating user engagement via incentives. SponsorPay allows users to earn premium in-app content, virtual currency and other services in exchange for actions such as installing an app, completing a marketing survey, watching a video ad, or clicking through to an advertised offer. The network uses a mix of pre and interstitial ads, offer walls and banners to deliver offers.
 StarApplication Mobile ads network & apps monetization
StarApplication is an advertising network that offers a unique and exclusive monetisation solution for Android app developers. StarApplication has a range of ad formats on offer to app developers, and three monetisation tools that are adapted to a developer’s profile – the availability of these tools becomes available when developers have installed the necessary SDKs into their mobile apps. StarApplication’s three monetisation tools are the Slide Ad, the Exit Ad and the Wall Ad. The Slide Ad is essentially a search tool, the Exit Ad allows a developer to earn revenue when users click the back button and the Wall Ad is a promotional list of applications which the app developer has control over.
 StartMeApp Mobile RTB Exchange
StartMeApp is an independent mobile RTB ad exhange and is currently the Latin American leader in providing mobile advertising services and solutions. StartMeApp connects advertisers, agencies, publishers, ad networks and trading desks on a real-time basis enabling programmatic purchases and sales of mobile media across 120 countries
 SupersonicAds Supply-side platform, offerwall and mobile video ads
SupersonicAds is a global ad platform offering monetisation and advertising across social entertainment applications on the web and mobile. Supersonic operates a customisable turnkey platform that enables brands and agencies to target and engage key audiences, offers consumers opt-in and virtual currency earnings and helps publishers achieve industry –level CPMs with rewards-based monetisation. The platform’s reach includes over 500 million unique users across the globe.
 Tap Dice Mobile Casino Ad Network
Tap Dice is a mobile ad network for free-to-play casino games. Their native iOS SDK and Unity Plugin will deliver unique ad units designed to capture the attention of casino players, and only serves high paying casino game CPI ads offering higher than average eCPMs. The ads come in a variety of formats, from classic interstitials to playable minigame ads and its custom “More Games” ad unit. Connects games to brands and gamers is a mobile marketing and advertising solution focused on monetizing apps in the mobile gaming industry. was founded by games developers, and this is reflected in its simple SDK and support team. The solutions offered by to develoeprs help to build and improve the functionality and user experience of mobile games, by providing virtual goods and other functions. Tap. me’s built-in optimization engine aims to deliver the highest possible CPM.
 TapContext Highest-paying ad network
TapContext is a push advert and interstitial network offering a unique Android platform, which shares contracted future revenue from advertisers with affiliates and developers. Basically, the payouts available from TapContext can be over and above the initial income generated from ad impressions, guaranteeing future income for a period of 6 months in advance. The platform also offers advanced tools for app monetization and provides the highest CPM payouts available of $5 to $15 (based on CPCs up to $0.30).
 TapGage Interstitial mobile ad network
TapGage is a cross-app promotional platform that aims to drive user acquisition through a click exchange network. Tapgage operates at every stage of the app lifecycle and offers a full service solution for developers.TapGage is based in Toronto, Canada and has offices in Indonesia. The company was formally known as Bizmey.
 Tapsense Mobile marketing solved
Tapsense is a cloud-based mobile marketing platform offering a private Real Time Bidding marketplace solution. To advertisers, TapSense provides native ads that seamlessly integrate within an app or mobile site to match the user experience, usually in the form of sponsored posts or updates in news feeds. This enterprise-ready platform connects brands with premium publishers to offer a complete mobile marketing solution.
 TapTap Networks–Branded content for mobile
TapTap Networks is a premium mobile ad network that mainly serves the Spanish market. TapTap claims to offer advertisers the largest premium mobile network in Spain, as well as advanced targeting technology, rich media ads, video ads and an exclusive focus on a ‘one ad per page’ model. TapTap says it provides publishers with lower fill rates but much higher than average eCPMs of up to $3.00.
 Taptica Engage valuable users on mobile
Taptica is a mobile user acquisition platform, offering advertising solutions to brands and app developers. The platform incorporates proprietary technology based on AI and machine learning, which effectively enables mobile targeting and user acquisition for maximum ROI. Taptica also works directly with publishers and affiliates via its dedicated API offering better eCPMs and monetization possibilities.
 The Mobile Majority Mobile advertising from the ground up
The Mobile Majority is the creator of AdSynergy, a new mobile advertising platform built from scratch with mobile apps and ads in mind. The company believes that the mobile ad industry has constantly “bolted on” improvements to a desktop based platform. To combat this, it has designed the first completely vertically integrated ad buying platform aimed at simplicity, effectiveness and transparency.
 ThinkNear Mobile advertising location experts
ThinkNear is a mobile ad network that focuses on providing highly localised and sophisticated mobile ad targeting for advertisers. Thinknear enables advertisers to reach people based on where they are, what they’re doing and what’s around them; and also allows highly-specific targeting options. Thinknear claims to increase mobile ad performance by more that 16% over the industry average, thanks to targeting ads based on where and what people are doing.
 Twinpine Africa's premium ad network
Twinpine is a mobile ad network based in Nigeria, covering all of West Africa as well as other African markets including East Africa, South Africa, Uganda and Ghana. They help advertisers, brands and app developers run mobile ad campaigns via their exclusive relationships with key publishers in verticals including news and sport, social and entertainment.
 Tyroo Innovation in performance advertising
Tyroo is a part of SVG Media Group that was established in 2006. A front-runner in technology and innovation in the digital performance advertising space and headquartered in New Delhi, the company is leading Global Mobile Advertising Technology Platform. Tyroo run Native technology platforms that enable Consumers to discover products and services. Our Partners use our products to offer Native experience and understand behavior of audiences in emerging markets; we are leader in monetization on commerce-oriented actions. Tyroo deliver 20 Billion + ads every month to consumers across 15 focus markets with physical presence across Delhi, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai and expanding across the world. We are serving over 270 billion impressions and 55 million engagements, and drive over 120 million clicks.
 UberMedia Reinventing mobile advertising
UberMedia is a mobile advertising network and platform focused on delivering customer focused insights and innovations to advertisers, to increase engagement and brand connections. Uber claims that its mobile advertising approach is ‘simply better’ and offers unique Social Signal targeting to advertisers, Real-Time data for analysis and provides monetization solutions to developers that compliment existing content and add value to users.
Umiqo is a mobile programmatic buying agency, delivering your brand message across the full range of mobile performance channels, from mobile search, to social media, retargeting, mobile video and rich media and by segmenting and programmatic selection, does so to the right audience too. The agency are mobile advertising experts at an international level, with headquarters in Spain and a reach that covers over 80 countries.
 Voltari Simply smart mobile advertising
Voltari is a mobile advertising platform, based in the US, offering a smart approach to mobile advertising. The platform specialises in optimising ad campaigns from the start, and acts as a DMP, DSP and ad network in one. Campaigns run on the platform are done so in real time and benefit from in-flight modelling optimisation processes and proprietary technology to accurately target audiences. Voltari’s DMP platform is entirely mobile-specific but also integrates third-party data sources.
 Webmoblink specialist in the Hispanic mobile market
Webmoblink is a self-serve mobile advertising network and marketplace company, with the aim of simplifying and automating web and mobile advertising from the same platform. Providing a global service, the company specialises in the Hispanic and Latin American market. Webmoblink drives quality advertisers to providers of mobile real estate, enabling both parties to profit and received a good ROI.
 Widdit Redefining user value
Widdit is a company that aims to help developers and publishers create a personal and productive interactive online experience for app users with highly customisable web and mobile solutions. Its advertising solutions are based on the idea of redefining user value and offers good monetization opportunities in addition to supporting a range of ad formats and campaigns.
 Wingoads CPM mobile ad network
Wingoads is a CPM ad network targeting mobile clients offering mobile publishers and app owners a new way to monetize mobile and in-app traffic. Advertisers can Geo target, Device Target, Os Target and more these features make Wingoads a powerful tool for advertisers or app developers that need exposure
 Woobi In-Game Advertising & Monetization Solutions
Woobi is an in game advertising company, specializing in the development of native advertising and monetization solutions for desktop, social and mobile games.
 Wooboo Chinese mobile ad network
Wooboo is a Chinese mobile ad network, offering solutions to publishers and advertisers alike. With its own publishing platform, Wooboo enables app developers and mobile web owners to monetize their web traffic, and also offers advertisers precise targeting and a potential audience of more than 700 mobile users. Most of China’s widely used operators are supported by the network, and Wooboo is backed by a powerful investment company that supports and encourages its technological development.
 xAd Mobile location advertising
xAd is a mobile ad network that focuses primarily on providing location-based advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers, ensuring that ads are delivered to the right users at the right time and in the right place. For local businesses, xAd offers locally targeted search solutions, as well as access to a local mobile network for in-app ads. xAd claims national brands benefit from nearly 30 levels of advanced targeting, which help optimise search and display solutions and ensure that users can engage with a brand at a branch level.
 Ybrant Mobile Specialist mobile performance network
Ybrant Mobile is the mobile ad division of marketing company Ybrant digital. Ybrant Mobile offers developers and advertisers mobile web advertising, app advertising, direct marketing and SMS/MMS on an integrated platform. The company delivers campaigns to premium publishers, monetising their inventory through CPC/CPM models. Advertisers can benefit from rich media ads, self-management system and enhanced targeting.
 YeahMobi Monetize your advertising inventory
YeahMobi is a leading mobile marketing platform with Native Ads monetization solutions for app developers. The platform offers simple integration and allows app developers to better control ad displays and maximize ad revenue. YeahMobi has vast ad resources with 500+ direct advertisers from across the world and is integrated with top ad networks.
 Yieldmo Rethinking mobile advertising
Yieldmo is a Google Ventures-backed mobile advertising startup. The company’s Ad Format Lab™ invents proprietary mobile ad formats for in-app and mobile web advertising; these ad formats are then bought and sold in Yieldmo’s Private Mobile Marketplace of premier advertisers and publishers.
 YOC Group Engaging global advertising
YOC Group is a group of mobile technology companies that offer software licensing, agency services and targeted mobile advertising. YOC claims its collection of mobile ad networks, which encompass both performance and premium, deliver 5 billion mobile ad impressions per month. YOC Group, which works with over 300 publishers, also claims to have the biggest premium mobile ad network in Europe.
 YuMe Multi-screen digital video ads
YuMe is a multi-screen video advertising technology company that is defining the next generation of TV brand advertising. As TV viewing audiences continue to fragment across screens, content types, and different consumer electronic platforms it becomes increasingly hard for a brand to reach their desired audience. YuMe's platform and services simplify the complexity of this fragmentation using embedded software and data sciences. We embed software (our audience-aware YuMe SDK) in applications, video players, and consumer electronics allowing a once video ad creative to run seamlessly across all screens while also collecting data about the audience and context where the ad ran. That data powers our placement quality index (PQI) that finds the best placement to drive attention and campaign performance. We also collect first-party data via our SDKs that enables our data science engine to produce the next generation of digital brand advertising targeting—finding brand receptive audience segments who are most likely to respond to your brand message.
 Zucks Japan's n.1 ad network
Zucks is a Japan-based mobile advertising platform strong in the Asian mobile market. They offer a large number of campaigns supporting iOS and Android, driving app downloads as well as CPI and CPA. It reaches over 10000 users each on Android and iOS. Zucks’ platform is also compatible with third party tracking software such as Kochava and AdEven, and can deliver both incentivised and non-incentivised ads.
 Zumobi Mobile media solutions
Zumobi is a premium mobile advertising network that focuses on offering rich media ad experiences. Zumobi offers a number of unique mobile ad solutions via its Brand Integration Platform, such as the ability to deliver campaigns that integrate with a user’s camera and photo album, the ability to implement advertising ‘widgets’ that can be pinned to a user’s homescreen, and social media integration.


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