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SENSECENT is a consulting company, specializing in providing business solutions regarding importing goods from China; organizing and overseeing the production process in China together with offering supplementary services such as auditing suppliers, product sourcing and inspection and other forms of supervision over the manufacturing process.

We are familiar with the Chinese culture, language and business structures. This supplies us with the tools and understanding to provide an efficient and effective support for conducting business in China. Our business representative in China has many years of experience working and cooperating with Chinese companies. This is why we can confidently offer our customers quick and professional service in the world’s fastest developing market.


During the import process we will manage all complementary services necessary to carry out your import at affordable cost, safely and meeting all prearranged deadlines.

Some of our services include:

  • market research to find the best suited suppliers for you
  • supplier audit
  • providing samples of the goods
  • negotiation of price and payment terms
  • supervision to ensure on-time delivery
  • inspections during production process more
  • quality inspection before dispatch the goods


Supplier audit

SENSECENT carries out an on-site audit process to ensure the credibility of Chinese suppliers.
We visit the factory and verify the equipment listed in catalogues and websites.
During the audit process we gather detailed information about the company (available products, materials, equipment, production technology, laboratory tests, and certificates).

After every audit we provide a detailed written report supported with photographic evidence.

Inspections on production process

In order to obtain a high quality product, which fully meets our customer’s requirements, we offer to carry-out inspection of goods during the production process.
This kind of inspection is highly recommended for new products or initial production of products. This inspection is carried out after producing samples, or small production run of goods. We check the conformity of goods to customer’s specifications, patterns, standards, or technical drawings. In case of nonconformities, it is possible to make the necessary adjustments to the production process and keep within the client’s time constraints.

After every audit we provide a detailed written report supported with photographic evidence.

QC on dispatching goods

Before dispatch the goods we arrange final quality inspection, in order to fully meet customer’s requirements. This inspection is carried out after finishing production process. We arrange inspection on the basis of customer’s requirements, specifying a lot of goods for quality control (or on the basis of standards, specifying a lot of goods to be inspected).

After every audit we provide a detailed written report supported with photographic evidence.

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